The Junior Sofa Bed In Suede

The Junior Sofa Bed In Suede


<!-- 003 -->The Junior Sofa Bed In Suede

The Junior Sofa Bed is great for kids rooms with its slim, sleek and overall small design.


2 Seater Sofa Bed

Space For Two

When this futon frame is converted into a sofa, there is space for two to sit comfortably and relax.

When as a bed, it is only suitable for a single person.

Bi Fold Sofa Bed

Space Saving

This splits down the length of the sofa bed in two different parts so it folds down to create a sleeping area.

Click Clack Sofa Bed

Click Clack Sleep

Easily convert the sofa bed to and from its position in seconds by using the click-clack mechanism.

From a sofa, move the back rest forward until you hear a click and then push back down past the clack so it lays flat for a bed. 

When you want to use as a sofa again simply bring the rest back up again until you hear the click and push back where it will lock into place.

Faux Suede

Smooth And Stylish

This product features a faux suede seating area that provides a smooth and stylish feel. 

Flat Packed

Quick and Easy Delivery

This product comes flat packed. This will require assembly and fixtures are included with the product.


Quantity:  at  £99.99  each