Barcelona Bunk Bed in White + Mattress x 2

Barcelona Bunk Bed in White + Mattress x 2


<!-- 0010 -->Barcelona Bunk Bed in White + Mattress x 2

With a combination of hard wood posts and a metal frame structure, the Barcelona Bunk Bed is a modern and stylish new bunk bed that not only looks good but also stands out from the crowd. The posts are made from a hard wood which has a grazed white finish to it while the internal structure is made from metal in a silver finish. 

Wooden Arms

Traditionally Modern

Features hard wooden posts in a simple but stylish white finish that offsets the metal structure of the frame.

This combination gives a unique style that stands out from the competition.

Bunk Bed can split into 2 beds

Think Ahead - Can Split Into 2 Beds

Plan ahead of time with this great feature. When the time is right you can easily split this bunk bed to work as 2 3FT size bed frames.

Perfect when you children are growing up and need more space to sleep and saves you money as you do not need to buy new furniture.

Metal Structure - Built to last

Built To Last

The internal structure of this product is made using tubular metal which allows it to be light weight though more importantly sturdy and strong.



Flat Packed

Quick and Easy Delivery

This product comes flat packed for quick and easy transport. This will require assembly and fixtures are included with the product




Quantity:  at  £199.99  each