The Lounger + Stool

The Lounger + Stool


<!-- 003 -->The Lounger + Stool

The Lounger Bean Chair, is the best option for those who need a simple large bean bag to lounge around on.

Bean Fillings

Quality Fillings

Quality bean fillings are used in this bean bag to provide a comfortable experience.

Beans are sourced from the UK for assurance in quality and safety.


ave It In Your Style With 21 Combinations

You can get this bean bag a huge choice of unique styles in our dual fabric combinations with a soft corded fabric called Metro/Jenny on top.

Cobra Fabric

Finished Off With Cobra Faux Leather

This bean bag uses snake skin like faux leather on the bottom. Both Metro Jenny and the Cobra faux leather provide a stunning and unique product.

Double Zipped

Double Zipped For No Fuss

No need to worry about bean fillings escaping this bag on a daily basis. A double zipped system ensures that you do not end up with a mess and a half empty product.

Made in the UK to British Regulations

Safe & Regulated To Uk Standards

Feel safe and assured that you are buying a product that has been manufactured within the UK by us and conforms to all British fire regulations.



Quantity:  at  £89.99  each