Hi everyone, so glad you could make it to my shop. It's all very cosy in here and maybe, just maybe that all elusive item you have really been looking for is right here in my shop, just waiting for you to click upon it. That one item, the one that is going to tie your room together and become a firm favourite for you and your family.

Lynx couriers deliver all of the shop items that I sell and a small private haulage firm delivers the timber structure kits, both deliver locally and nationally. 

This frees me up to concentrate on removals and allows me to deliver multiple items 365 days per year using a fast and effective fully tracked service.      

For those of you who live locally and would prefer me to deliver personally, no probem. As a suggestion, if you are moving with Eze Move anyway, I can put your item on the van before I set off and deliver it on moving day. Alternatively, I will deliver to on your chosen day.     

If you are keen to make a purchase, but you don't have room yet I can store your purchase and then deliver it personally either on moving day or your chosen day. I would be happy to do that for you at no extra charge for up to one month after the first date of purchase.



 Removal Boxes
Removal Boxes

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Bubble Wrap

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Luxury Bean Bags

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Sofa Beds

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<!-- 006 -->Sofas

<!-- 007 -->Beds

<!-- 009 -->Bedroom Furniture Sets
Bedroom Furniture Sets

<!-- 010 -->Oak Wardrobes
Oak Wardrobes

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