House Clearance Service

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Please note I am not an antique / collectables specialist. If you require those types of services I would recommend contacting a professional valuer. 
My house clearance service is predominantly aimed at helping clients by removing the items which they have earmarked for disposal. However if there is residual value within the items being cleared, this will be offset against the cost of the job and agreed upon in advance at the drawing board stage before amy work begins.
I have to put a totally different hat on to carry out this kind of work, being sensitive to the situation is of paramount importance to the success of these jobs.
I belive that a full or part house clearance should be carried out with dignity and respect. It is for this reason that I have resisted the urge to have my vans sign written. I don't think it is as dignifed to have sign writing, especially when I am helping a family following the passing of a loved one. 
Before the day of your clearance we should both be signing from the same hymn sheet as to what is staying and what is going. I recommend going through everything so that you know which items you wish to keep. I cam ofcourse arrange transportation of those items if necessary. 
If on the day of the clearance I come across anything which I suspect may be an item of financial value or of sentimental value, this will be brought to your attention.