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I - Haul


1-3 Bed House Moves

Ex-Pickfords Employee

11 yrs Experience   


   Single Items From £20

    1 Bedroom Flat from £50

    2 Bedroom House from £90

    3 Bedroom House from £150

 CRB checked 

Hi I'm Gareth Walker, I am an ex - Pickfords Removals employee, who is now the owner manager of I -Haul, an affordable man and van moving company. What you can expect from me moving day, is the peace of mind you get from knowing that you are trusting your move to someone with experience and to someone who WILL ALWAYS turn up once a booking has been confirmed.

I run a self pack service. By that what I mean is, if you pack and labell your own boxes, then I will take care of the physical side of things from there. Once loaded and whilst in transit, your items will be covered with blankets and carefully looked after. Upon arrival, it is part of my job to place things in the right rooms.

At the time of writing this, I just completed a job in which I had to move five leather three seater sofas down a very narrow staircase in one of Chesters' wine bars whilst walking backwards. "It doesn't get much trickier than that". 

I am able to dismantle and reassemble items of furniture. However, there is a surcharge for this add on service and I would prefer to know in advance if you require dismantling / reassembly services as it can be time consuming and on occasions I have dismantled furniture for clients the day before moving day.

For me, the best part of this job is moving people into homes that I know my clients are going to be comfortable living in.



* CAT OWNERS  images

On more than one occasion, I have arrived at a clients' property to carry out a move only to discover that their cat has gone missing which is naturally all that person can think about. Cats seem more sensitive to the moving situation than dogs, which is why I advise cat owners to take extra precautions in the build up to moving day to ensure the safety of their cat.




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